What We Do

Inspire, Empower, and Collaborate for Change
Creating a new story of connection for all Australians.
The Gaimaragal Group has been established to lead social change by bringing people and communities together to find the unity in CommUNITY.
We aim to facilitate the voice for our Elders in the contemporary social space, empower our youth to realise their full potential, and provide two-way cultural translation to bring individuals, communities and businesses and together.

About our Services and Programs

Planning and Consultation Services

First Australian Health and Wellbeing Planning- We work with First Australian communities and mainstream organisations to identify and document aspirational plans to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.
We work with government and non-government organisations to define health and wellbeing priorities in collaboration with local communities, to build targeted and relevant responses to identified needs.
Reconciliation Action Plans and Partnership Plans- We work with a diverse range of not-for-profit and corporate organisations to lead the development of Reconciliation Action Plans/Community Partnership Plans.
Our approach aims to build sustainable relationships and shared vision with First Australians that enables longer term, sustainable action initiatives.
Community Consultation and Workshop Facilitation- We work with community groups and organisations to facilitate introductions with First Australian communities and stakeholders. We also facilitate restorative community consultations for organisations who need to improve relationships and/or address complex issues that may be compromising opportunities to maximise effective service delivery and positive community outcomes.

Education, Training and Cultural Immersion Services

Cultural Immersion and Competency Programs- We deliver tailored cultural immersion and competency programs for organisations across sectors and business foci. Our programs aim to provide participants with activities that lead to positive cultural appreciation and empower them to lead positive changes within their sphere of influence and broader communities. Our programs provide education on First Australian history, insight into contemporary First Australian experiences and challenges, but mostly, content that facilitates human connection and respect leading to collective action.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid Training- We provide Accredited Mental Health First Aid courses for community members and service providers working with First Australian people who experience, or who may be at risk of experiencing mental illness. The accredited course enables participants to earn their own Mental Health First Aider accreditation, and successful completion contributes to Continuous Professional Development points for health professionals.

Community Development and Wellbeing Programs

Community Wellbeing and Resilience Workshops- We design and deliver, in collaboration with Elders and other specialist partners, workshops and courses for First Australians that support wellbeing and facilitate self-care, resilience and confidence. Specifically, we work within health and education sectors to design targeted programs for women, youth, and collective community initiatives.
Workforce Development and Mentoring- We provide one-on-one and group mentoring, supervision and capacity building services to support First Australian staff wellbeing, resilience, experience of change, communication skills and productivity. We also provide mentoring and capacity-building services to non-indigenous management staff to maximise their capacity to support and empower their First Australian staff, and to organisational leadership staff in the development of effective workplace policies and initiatives to support First Australian staff recruitment and retention.

Capacity Building and Communication Services

Program and Service Model Design- We specialise in supporting human service organisations in the design of innovative and effective service models, in collaboration with community stakeholders. Specifically, we have expertise in service modelling in the ageing, health, mental health and disability sectors that is in alignment with funding priorities and/or other resourcing opportunities.
Content Design and Communications- We specialise in the development of multimedia communication materials. This includes production of DVDs, initiatives to capture and communicate individual and collective stories, website copy, and the development of educational products.