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Australia's First People

The Gaimaragal Group acknowledges and respects all ancestral lands of Australia’s First Peoples.   We represent the oldest surviving living culture on the planet and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and future. We have an opportunity to co-create a nation that is proud of and embraces Australia's First Peoples history, culture and rights, for present and future generations.

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About Gaimaragal

About Gaimaragal

The Gaimaragal Group is an organisation that has been established to lead social change and create social impact by bringing together like minds and like spirits. We believe that the philosophies and teachings of Australia’s First Peoples, the way of life that has sustained us for tens of thousands of years, is worth sharing, and that in doing so, we can create a new story of connection and wellbeing for all Australians.

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Knowledge Holders

Our Elders are our knowledge holders, they are our teachers, and they are the backbone of our communities. As keepers of the wisdom they weave into the fabric of our society the morals, values and principles from our traditional ways of being. They have sacrificed a lot and continue to love unconditionally, no matter what because they are concerned about the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Not only are they the knowledge holders of the past they are the knowledge holders for the future.

The Nugget Foundation

The Nugget Foundation

The Foundation is currently being formally set up to honour the legacy of my grandfather, Dr H.C. "Nugget" Coombs. Its focus will be on creating better access and opportunities for individual, families, communities to improve social, emotional, cultural and spiritual wellbeing outcomes. To date, through informal process 8% of The Gaimaragal Groups profits are being gifted to assist students with educational needs, families with medical travel assistance, funeral expenses and Elder support services.

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