Big Sister and Aunty Program- A program that has been developed to support First Australian girls who are completing their schooling in Northern Sydney. One-on-one and group-based mentoring and support sessions, as well as support for schools and liaison staff aims to enable girls (many who come from regional areas) to stay in school, increase their resilience, share culture and learn skills to deal with conflict and racism.

Caber-ra nanga – “resting your mind”. A once a month gathering in collaboration with Relationships Australia NSW facilitating community coming together on Sydney Northern Beaches to meet like-minded people, share in a story or two, eat, laugh and feel well!

Personal Best Program – Uniting Recovery (formerly Uniting Care Mental Health) delivery of a 6 week employment program for First Australian Youth experience mental illness in collaboration with the Personal Helpers and Mentors Scheme (PHaMS)

Susan Moylan-Coombs